School Uniform Policy

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Students must be attired in the appropriate uniform in its entirety while travelling to and from school, throughout the school day and for sporting fixtures. The school uniform may be worn on any school day, with the sports uniform and cadets uniform optional for students on their respective days. Whichever uniform is being worn (school, sports or cadets) it must be worn in its entirety, with no mixing between uniform items.

The school uniform consists of:

  • trousers or tailored shorts of acceptable quality in the approved school grey
  • a belt made of black leather
  • school shirt (pale blue for Years 7-9, white for Years 10-12) which is to be tucked in at all times
  • long grey school socks worn with shorts (pulled up); grey or black socks worn with trousers
  • black leather shoes of standard design that are fully enclosed and sturdy hard leather. Sneakers or joggers, even made of black leather, are not allowed
  • school tie
    • Junior School tie in Years 7-9 (standard chocolate with stripes in sky blue)
    • Senior School tie in Years 10-12 (chocolate with school emblem)
    N.B. Prefects may wear the Prefects’ tie, current SRC members may wear the SRC tie, CHS champions may wear the CHS tie and GPS first-grade premiers and representatives may wear the GPS tie

Additional uniform items:

  • sky blue school pullover with embroidered crest (only worn with the school uniform, not the sports uniform)
  • school cap
  • school beanie
  • school scarf
  • school wet weather jacket
  • Year 12 jersey (may be worn over either the school shirt and tie or school sports shirt from the start of Term 2)
  • school blazer
    N.B. There are strict rules for blazer adornments and students should consult the Badges Regulations.

Students may also wear long-sleeve white skivvies or short white shirts under their uniform when needed for colder weather, provided these are not visible. Black or grey gloves may also be worn. If wearing earrings, students are only permitted to wear the studded type. Other items such as Sydney High hoodies, sports jerseys, and non-school trousers, headwear, ties, scarves, gloves or earrings are not permitted.

Sports uniform:

  • black "rugger" style school sports shorts
  • school sports shirt
  • white school sports socks
  • sports shoes (any form of runners or cross-trainers)
  • school sports jacket
  • school tracksuit pants

Students must wear the correct attire for the activity while playing sport. They may wear their sports uniform to school when they have a PDHPE practical lesson Period 1 and get changed into the school uniform at the end of their practical class. For hygienic reasons, students are required to change out of their sports uniform at the conclusion of any training session.

The uniform for Saturday sport varies for the sport being played. Further details are provided to students once registered with each sport. For all sports, Sydney High attire must be worn to and from all Saturday fixtures. For hygiene reasons, students are required to change into Sydney High attire at the conclusion of their match. This includes the school sports uniform, school tracksuit or other Sydney High clothing including the Sydney High hoodie.

All clothing items MUST be labelled with the owner’s name and roll call class to allow misplaced items to be more easily returned.

On school days, a student not in appropriate uniform in its entirety is required to report to the appropriate Deputy Principal before school or if any issues arise with their uniform during the day. If a student is required to be out of uniform for any medical reason, he should have a note of explanation from his parents indicating why he was out of uniform and when the issue will be resolved.

School bags and backpacks with the school emblem, are available from the High Store. It is recommended to have an item attached to the bags to distinguish between those of other students.

School uniform items are sold through the High Store – details of which can be found on the High Store webpage.