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Prefects – Policy and Practice

August 2018

The Prefects at High are expected to set the highest example in dress, attendance, conduct and involvement in school affairs.  Their duties include assistance in the canteen, representation at school functions of all kinds and participation in the conduct of assemblies.  They are also assigned responsibilities connected with particular activities, including: sports, music, debating and community service.

Nomination and Appointment

Prefects are appointed by the Principal.  The Principal has the discretion to appoint up to 36 Prefect Interns.  The Principal may decide that in a particular year a minimum number of votes should be gained by a candidate to qualify as an elected representative of the school community. Such a number may be used to inform the Principal’s decision as to how many Prefect Interns to appoint. The Principal consults with the Manager-in-Charge (MIC) Prefects before determining the final number of Prefect Interns to appoint.

Nominations for Prefect Intern are invited from interested Year 11 boys early in Term 3 each year.  Nominees are required to demonstrate their involvement in school life by having attained (or being on track to receive) Platinum Award status in the school’s Award Scheme.  (Students who have not had the opportunity to receive a Platinum Award, such as later enrolling students, will be considered if they will have achieved the appropriate level by the end of Year 11.)  Candidates are also expected to have an exemplary record of behaviour over the previous 12 months and to be making satisfactory academic progress. ‘Satisfactory progress’ is benchmarked at 92 ATAR on 12 units for students commencing at High in Year 7 and 88 ATAR for later enrolling students. The School Executive meets to vet the list before the plebiscite takes place.  Students may be vetoed by members of the Executive if they have evidence of wrongdoing by a nominee. Vetoed nominees can appeal to the Principal in writing.  The Principal may allow Probationary Nominees – students who are close to the academic benchmark and have supplied improvement references from three teachers. If a Probationary Nominee is elected as an Intern have until the Preliminary Examination to reach the academic standard or be removed from their Internship.

Prefect Election

The voting patterns each year are not made public to protect the privacy of the candidates.  The electoral college comprises: Staff, current Prefects, Year 11 and Year 10. Voters cast up to twenty-five votes each online.  The results are collated, calculated and furnished to the Principal after analysis by the MIC Prefects.  The Principal then appoints up to 36 candidates as Prefect Interns.

The Captain and Vice Captain are elected from amongst the Prefect Interns, by their fellow Prefect Interns alone, using a preferential voting system. The timing of the vote for Prefects and their leaders needs to be taken prior to the final rugby and soccer games of the season, usually against Sydney Grammar. Prefect Interns have their first official duties at that fixture. The MIC Prefects announces the names of the captain and vice-captain. The results of the ballot should be kept secret to protect the privacy of candidates. The Captain and Vice-Captain, with the assistance of the MIC, then select a suitable Prefect to be appointed as Senior Prefect. The induction ceremony for Interns is held at the beginning of term four, in conjunction with the celebration of the founding of the school. The official ceremony, involving presenting of badges and signing the Prefects Book, is held in term 2, after winter sports selections.


Prefect Interns are presented with their internship badge at the school's Foundation Day assembly in October. Vestment of the office of Prefect upon interns occurs in Term 2 of the following year. The confirmation assembly rewards those Interns who have served the school according to the precepts of the Prefects Oath. The successful Prefects will sign the Prefects Register, have their picture taken and be issued with a commemorative Prefects badge which is theirs to keep.


Prefect are entitled to wear a badge and a navy blue plain tie and should have the Prefect Pocket added to their blazers.