School Discipline Policy

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The Sydney Boys High School Code of Behaviour Discipline Policy

All students are encouraged to:

  • show courtesy and respect for others,
  • allow students to learn and teachers to teach
  • care for the environment in which we live and work. 

These simple undertakings form the basis of our School Discipline Policy. Minor breaches of discipline are handled in the classroom, in corridors and playgrounds and at sporting or excursion venues. Repeated or serious breaches of school rules are referred to Head Teachers, Deputy Principals or to the Principal in defined circumstances.

Discipline Procedures

Disciplinary matters will be dealt with by individual teachers who will discuss the problem with the student(s) involved and who will take steps to resolve it. If the teacher is unable to resolve the matter, it will be referred to the Head Teacher. Students who persistently break the school rules are interviewed and any of the consequences outlined below may be invoked.

If a student is in breach of school rules, teachers may –

  • issue a warning or reprimand
  • place the student on detention or school service at lunchtime
  • record details on the Students Astray Database (SAD) on the computer network.

A matter referred to the Head Teacher, in addition may result in –

  • a phone call or note to the family
  • a short exclusion from attending a particular class
  • a referral to the Year Adviser and/or the School Counsellor
  • a referral to a Deputy Principal

A matter referred to a Deputy Principal, in addition may result in –

  • a before school detention
  • a formal caution
  • a daily monitoring program (to be signed by the teacher each lesson)
  • a referral to the Principal

Serious breaches of discipline, eg violence, possession of a prohibited item, drugs, displaying inappropriate images, persistent disobedience, smoking, persistent lateness, truancy, will be dealt with in the first instance by a Deputy Principal.

The Principal will be the final point of referral for repeated breaches of discipline.

A matter referred to the Principal may also lead to

  • a short or long suspension from class or school
  • a recommendation for expulsion

In some cases it is mandatory for the Principal to follow a certain set of procedures which may include notifying the police (eg, if a student is found to be in possession of weapons or drugs) or involve the School Counsellor.

The SAD System

Repeated or serious breaches of the School Discipline Code are recorded on the school's networked database (Students Astray Database - SAD). Details of the problem and the steps taken to resolve it are recorded by the teaching staff. The system provides security for confidential information. Coordinated, up-to-date, electronic information about students is available to members of the Executive, the Wellbeing Team and School Counsellors, allowing for early intervention for students of concern.