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Sydney High Rowing: Developing Scholar-Oarsmen since 1924
The Outterside Centre, Abbotsford

Sydney High VIII

Rowing at Sydney High 2

Rowing at Sydney High 3

Rowing at Sydney High 4

Rowing at Sydney High 5

Rowing at Sydney High 6

Rowing at Sydney High 7

Rowing at Sydney High 8

As a GPS school, Sydney High is able to offer rowing as a summer sport. This is a wonderful opportunity for High students to be able to row at a state high school.

While rowing is physically and mentally challenging, it is also very rewarding and enjoyable. It is one of the ultimate team sports promoting strong friendships and camaraderie, a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and the discipline necessary for good HSC study habits.

The rowing program takes place at the home of High Rowing, the Outterside Centre in Abbotsford, a fully equipped rowing shed, with large dormitory, semi-commercial kitchen, dining area, and gym, allowing students to participate from Year 7 to 12.


  • AAGPS Head of the River – High has a long history competing in this prestigious regatta
  • NSW CHS Regatta – we are a strong, competitive school winning many medals
  • Taree Senior Training Camp in January each year
  • Melbourne High School Year 10 Annual Rowing Trip
  • Holiday Development Camps

The Program

Students may join the rowing program in any year but it is a skilful sport, which takes time to learn.

Junior Years

Year 7 – Term 4 - Year 8 Quads: boys start rowing in Term 1. They learn to row in Quad Sculls Thursday afternoons during sport time and Saturday mornings. They continue to learn to row in Y8 Quads in Term 4, preparing for regattas (competitions) in week 8 Term 4 and Term 1 of the following year. The boys attend Erg Training (stationery rowing machines) at the school gym on Monday afternoons and have running tests on Wednesday afternoons.

Year 8 – Term 4 - Year 9 Quads: continue rowing and start racing in Y9 Quads at the GPS regattas during Term 4. These regattas continue until end of February. The rowers are continuing to improve their skill and technique while gaining fitness. The boys do run testing on Monday afternoon, erg testing on Wednesday afternoon, row during sport time on Thursday afternoon and train or race on Saturday morning. There is also a camp at the end of year 8 to give them a taste of rowing before school.

Saturday Racing: All Junior Rowers (except while in Term 1 of Year 7) race in GPS regattas on most Saturday mornings and must make themselves available at the Outterside Centre at times determined by their coaches.

Year 10 VIIIs

Year 9 – Term 4 - Year 10 VIIIs: in Term 4 the emphasis is on greater skills and stronger rowers as they start to learn sweep oar technique and race in the GPS Y10 Eights. They continue to race in the GPS regattas during Term 1, culminating at the Head of the River in mid-March.

Senior Years

Year 10 and 11: These rowers are at the pinnacle of sporting achievement in the GPS - the 1st VIII, 2nd VIII and the IV’s. They train everyday except for Sunday. This training includes overnight camps at the Outterside Centre.

Saturday Racing: All Y10 and Senior Rowers race in GPS, club and state regattas. These are often at the Sydney International Regatta Centre at Penrith on Saturdays. The rowers also need to be available for boat loading before and after the regatta.


Boys wear ‘zooties’ available from the High Store, otherwise shorts and t-shirts. They need rugby socks, cap and white long sleeve t-shirt. A white long sleeve t-shirt can be worn under the zootsuit for sun protection at training. Sunscreen is provided. The school zootsuit is compulsory in regattas.

Gym Training

It is crucial for all rowers build on strength and endurance. All rowers are expected to use the gym at school. A tailored program for rowers has been developed. Y8 quads on Monday afternoon, Y9 quads on Wednesday afternoon, Y10 eights on Monday and Wednesday mornings, and seniors on Monday mornings and Wednesday sport time.


  • School bus on school days
  • Parents need to organise transport on Saturdays. Car-pooling is encouraged
  • Buses 438 and L38 leave from near the sheds travelling to the city
  • Rivercats are available from nearby wharf

Events and Fundraising

Annual events on the rowing calendar are –

  • Parents Welcome/Orientation to Rowing
  • Shed Race/Barbecue Breakfast
  • Boat Naming Cocktail Party
  • High Regatta
  • Rowing Dinner

Rowing is an expensive sport to run, please support any fundraising initiatives undertaken by rowing. Parking for nearby sporting fixtures on the school grounds is a major source of income for rowing. Please help at least one rowing parking day during the year.


Rowing would not operate without the support of parents.

  • In Year 7/8, parents are requested to assist in barbecue operations at the Outterside centre on Saturday Mornings and help at Friday overnight camps.
  • Year 10 and Senior parents are required to help at overnight camps either preparing food and/or supervising overnight. At least once per term is required.


The Sydney High Rowing Sheds are at the Outterside Centre, 5 Teviot Ave, Abbotsford.

Rowing Parent Committee

Rowing is supported by an active parent committee, which meets once per month during the rowing season. It supports the rowing program and provides vital fundraising. For more information contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


MIC Rowing:      Mr G Barris    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it