School Values


Sydney Boys High School assembled

The types of values and behaviours the school community see as most important were developed by surveying students, parents and staff. These perspectives were collated to articulate what Sydney Boys High School strives to develop and these represent the culture of our school:


Performing to the best of our ability, fulfilling commitments and having the determination, resilience and versatility to embrace challenges.


Acting in a thoughtful manner, considering how our words and actions impact ourselves, others and our environment.


Being open and honest in all situations, taking ownership of our actions, as well as seeking and valuing the truth.


Creating an inclusive community, showing understanding and empathy as we support each other at all times.

These values are visible through:

As a selective high school, Sydney Boys High School is energised by gifted students working together. Staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of High, collaborate to provide a first-rate educational, sporting, co-curricular and personal development experience for our students.