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How You can Contribute and Become Involved

The depth and breadth of Co-Curricular activities offered at Sydney Boys High School could not happen without the substantial contribution of parent volunteers. Parent involvement is the backbone in assisting the organisation and fundraising for the many Co-Curricular activities available to High students.

1. Co-Curricular Sub-Committees

The majority of community involvement and parent volunteering is organised through Co-Curricular Sub-Committees. There is a parent volunteer Sub-Committee for each sport and activity.

At the beginning of each year or sporting season, when your son has selected which sports and cultural activities he wants to pursue, watch out for emails and other calls for assistance through High Notes, to join a Co-Curricular Sub-Committee and support its fundraising and organisational roles.

Please make contact via the Co-Curricular contacts list, add your name to the mailing list and volunteer to assist. We rely on parent involvement to maintain the high level of resources, organisation and competitiveness demanded by GPS membership.

By volunteering and becoming part of a Co-Curricular Sub-Committee you can:

  • Keep informed about Co-Curricular activities - know where and when to watch your son play and participate in his chosen sports and cultural pursuits.
  • Assist in fundraising to provide facilities and equipment.
  • Contribute in an organisational role such as managing a sporting team, laying out debating suppers for students, helping set up for music concerts, maintaining sports equipment or organising end of year celebration dinners. Every bit helps !
  • Take an active interest in the general welfare of the boys and the advancement of Sydney Boys High School as a GPS school.
  • Have the opportunity to get together socially with other parents, staff and community of Sydney Boys High School.
  • Maximise opportunities to contribute and be involved in your son’s education.

2. School Canteen

The School Canteen is also assisted by a P&C Sub-Committee and parent volunteers who work in the Canteen – we usually need about three parents each day. The Canteen is a major fundraiser for the P&C and requires a large number of parent volunteers. Volunteers usually come in the same day each month. i.e. a first, second, third or fourth weekday of the month.

It is a great way to meet other parents and see what your boys are eating! SBHS canteen prides itself on the quality of food provided at a reasonable price. If you can assist one day a month during term, approx 9.00am to 2pm, please email the Canteen This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to volunteer your help.

3. Fundraising through Car Parking

A major source of fundraising for Co-Curricular activities and the P&C is the provision of special event car parking, within the school grounds, for sporting and cultural events at the SCG, SFS and Horden Pavilion. Car parking revenues fund much of the equipment and coaching costs for all Co-Curricular activities.

Each parking event requires a dozen or so parent volunteers for two to three hours, usually on a weekend, to collect entry fees and direct cars how and where to park. It is a valuable way for all parents to help and meet fellow parents at the same time.

Co-Curricular Sub-Committees will call for parent volunteers to assist with special event car parking via email and through High Notes. Please find out which activities your son is involved in and contact the Co-Curricular Sub-Committee via the contacts page to make sure you are on their mailing list.

4. The High Store

The High Store uniform and supplies shop also relies on parent volunteers to assist in its operations. All High Store profits are returned to the School. Please email the High Store This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you can offer assistance.

5. Actively Join your Year Group

Each Year (7 to 12) has an active Year Group of parents who organise social and information nights for parents. For example, the Year 8 Parent Group organises the welcome function for Year 7 and other new parents from Years 8 to 12. Year Groups are a useful first point of contact for parents with any questions or concerns they may have. You can contribute by volunteering to be a Year Group representative for your son’s year.

Please make contact via the Year Groups contacts list to make sure your email details are recorded. Again, we rely on parent involvement to maintain the high level of resources available for our students and strengthen communication between parents and the School.

6. Support Your Son in his Co-Curricular Endeavours

To ensure that sporting teams, music groups and debating teams can reach their full potential, it is a priority that parents be aware of their sons’ training and rehearsal commitments and ensure that they regularly attend.

Match days for sport are usually Saturdays. It is important for boys to arrive to their games well ahead of the scheduled start time. Match schedules, travel information and ground location maps are made available through the School’s website. Parent attendance and support on Match days is greatly encouraged and plays are vital role in supporting High boys.

More Information

Contact the P&C committee: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please make sure the school has your email contact details. Email the administration office to receive important information from the school.

Register on the school High Notes webpage to receive a reminder to read High Notes online each week. This will keep you in touch with events at the school.