About the P & C Association


Sydney Boys High has a proud tradition of community involvement and parent volunteering to assist the fundraising, organisation and running of the many Co-curricular activities available to High boys. The majority of community involvement and parent participation is organised through Sydney Boys High P & C and its Sub-Committees.

The Parents and Citizens Association (P & C) of Sydney Boys High School is a voluntary organisation that has been working continuously since 1925, to advance the best interests of the School by bringing parents, citizens and teaching staff into close co-operation. Membership is open to all parents of boys attending Sydney Boys High School.

The P & C meets once a month during school terms, usually the second Monday of each month. Dates and times are advised in High Notes and on the P & C website.

The P & C executive comprises President, two Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and Secretary and also meets once a month, prior to the general meeting. Parent representatives from each of Years 7 to 12 also attend P & C executive meetings and then circulate information to their Year group parents via email. The Year group representatives are often useful first points of contact for parents.

Year group representatives and P & C executive contact details are available on the contacts list page.

By becoming part of the P & C, parents can:

The P & C plays a valuable and vital role in supporting School Co-curricular activities and special events. Sporting, Music, Debating, Chess and Canteen Sub-committees of the P & C assist in:

Any parent can volunteer to become a member of a Co-curricular Sub-committee. Contact details for all Co-curricular Sub-committees are available on the contacts list page. Please make contact to find out more information or indeed volunteer to assist in whatever way you can.

The P & C has representatives on the School Council and has members on the board of Sydney Boys High Foundation Ltd. The P & C is also represented on the School’s Development Committee and the Building Fund Advisory Group.

The P & C encourages parents to become part of the school community through participation in the mentoring program for new families, parent Year groups, volunteering for sporting and cultural Sub-committees and joining in social events for parents and the High community.

P & C funds are raised primarily through parent contributions, profits from the School Canteen, High community events and by providing special event parking within the school grounds for the SCG, SFS and Horden Pavillion.

The P & C warmly invites all parents to join and participate in their sons’ education and personal development.

The objectives of the P & C are:

Parents can find out more the P & C, its executive and meetings of its minutes by logging in to the Parents Intranet Portal.