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Opening Hours

The Sydney Boys High School Canteen is open from 8:30am until after Recess and Lunch on school days. Any variation to this is advertised to students in the school's daily news bulletin.

Operation and Profit

The School Canteen is in the lower courtyard area of the Charles McDonald Building. The Canteen is sponsored by the P & C Association and is managed by a parent committee. Two canteen managers share the day to day running of the canteen. The diverse range of food offered and an efficient service are only possible due to voluntary help from parents, friends and relatives of students. A lot of menu items are freshly prepared on site by our volunteers allowing the canteen to provide a wide range of inexpensive, wholesome food as well as traditional favourites.

All profits from the canteen are used by the P & C to fund significant improvements to school facilities for the benefit of all students.

Canteen Phone: (02) 9662 9350

Lunch Orders and Special Orders

Lunch Orders can be placed from 8:30 to 9:00am at the front of canteen and collected at lunch from the side window. It is advised that students order their lunch to ensure they get what they want rather than missing out after standing in a queue at lunchtime.

If a student has specific dietary needs or if their favourite sandwich is not on the menu, please ask the canteen staff - it may be able to made.

Sandwiches, Wraps and Rolls

Filling Sandwich
or Wrap
Cheese & tomato $2.50 $2.80
Cheese & salad  $3.50 $4.00
Egg & lettuce $3.50 $4.00
Ham & tomato $3.50 $4.00
Made to order for lunch and recess orders.
Special combinations on request.


Salad Box (meat) - small $4.50
Salad Box (w. meat or egg) - large $6.00
Salad Box (plain) $5.00


Sushi - homemade $3.50


Assorted snacks - $1.20+
Banana bread $1.50
Fruit - apple/orange/banana $1.00
Fruit salad $3.00


Chill - Aloe Vera $3.50
Chill - Iced Tea $3.50
Juice $2.50
Juice Bomb $2.50
Milk - Flavoured 300ml $2.80
Milk - Plain 600ml $2.80
Milk - Flavoured 500ml $4.20
Up & Go $2.00
Water - Spring $1.50
Waterfords sparkling - various flavours $2.50


Hot Food

Butter chicken - homemade $6.00
Wing & Wedges - Monday special $5.00
Chicken Burger $4.50
Chicken Fingers $2.00
Chicken Mayo Sandwich (hot) $4.00
Falafel wrap $5.00
Garlic Bread $2.50
Noodles in a cup $3.00
Pasta - homemade (small) $5.00
Pide - sausage, chicken/mushroom $4.50
Pide - spinach/cheese $4.50
Pie - Traveller $4.50
Pizza wrap $4.50
Sausage Roll $3.80
Spinach ricotta roll $3.80
Sweet chilli chicken wrap $5.00
Teriyaki Don, Noodles - homemade $5.00
Nachos - homemade - Wed and Fri $5.00


Ham & egg muffin $3.50
Toast - Cheese $2.00
Toast - Cheese & Ham $2.50
Toast - Cheese & Tomato $2.50
Hot Chocolate (seasonal) $1.50


Additional spoon $0.10
Additional fork $0.10
Sauce packet $0.30
Tissues $0.60

Our homemade chicken and beef dishes are Halal

Some foods, including pasta, rice, salads, soup etc are seasonal.
Please check with canteen before order.

Minor prices changes may occur on price increases by suppliers

All canteen profits are returned to the school for the benefits of the boys' education and development.