The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship

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Phillip Day

Application Form - Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship

The Sydney High School Foundation Ltd has established the Sydney Boys High School Scholarship Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to provide money for the awarding of the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship. The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship means the Scholarship, founded in 2007, for study at Sydney Boys High School. It is administered by Sydney Boys High School staff.

To be eligible for the award of a Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship, you must have been selected for enrolment in Years 7 to 12 at Sydney Boys High School or you can be a current student of Sydney Boys High School. You must conform with the school’s enrolment policy and meet the selection criteria established by the school as set out at

Sydney Boys High School (which administers the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship) assesses applicants for the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship on the basis of the selection criteria.

Selection Criteria

You should be either:

  • A highly talented student in a particular area of academic and/or co-curricular endeavour; or
  • A particularly good all round achiever; or
  • A student with special needs, financial or otherwise.

The Scholarship Committee may award multiple Scholarships when funds are available. If a scholarship holder does not meet the academic requirements of the school, the Scholarship Committee may discontinue his Scholarship.

The Sydney Boys High School Scholarship Fund is administered and controlled by the Management Committee of Sydney High School Foundation Ltd. The Management Committee is made up of several persons who, because of their occupation or tenure of some public office or their position in the community, are considered to be responsible persons. The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship is advertised on the school’s website, in other school publications and from time to time in newspapers or other media.

In the event of Sydney Boys High School Scholarship Fund winding up, the surplus assets of the Fund will be transferred to a Deductible Gift Recipient for its gift deductible purposes.

The Sydney Boys High School Scholarship Fund was established as a trust for the specific purpose of holding, investing and disbursing donations for 'The Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship'.