High Notes, Vol 23 No 38, December 02 2022

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From the Principal

High Talent

Henry Lau (10S) scored 39 points against Riverview last Saturday. His performance was in the top five of all time for a High student in first grade basketball since our records began. Congratulations, Henry. Joshua Li (8S) and Eric Scholten (10R) who have been invited to sit the Australian Maths Trust, Australian Mathematics Olympiad examinations to be held on February 7 & 8 next year. This examination decides who will be chosen to attend the AMOC Selection School. Congratulations, boys, on your invitations to this prestigious event for school mathematicians. Well done to Andrew Yang (11S) who won a gold medal as Runner-up (by one point) in the Painting section of the Young Australian Art Awards.

Interpreting Year 8 Reports – Semester 2

When coming to the end of Year 8, some boys do not put much effort into subjects they do not intend to continue. This behaviour is regrettable but understandable. Parents should realise that such a lack of interest in one or two subjects can result in big fluctuations in grades awarded by teachers, and in turn, cause large movements in overall ranks. Such fluctuations will be reflected in ratings on ‘skills and participation’ by teachers on reports and by comments from the Principal. From one perspective, parents can appreciate better what sort of learner their son is not. It is better not to persist in a discipline that does not excite you. For other students, doing well in the Yearly examination is their objective. They can turn around their cruising first semester with much more self-disciplined effort in the second half of the year. Elective choice going into Year 9 is very important. Students need to follow their interests in a low-stakes choice environment. Some boys change both electives again in Year 10! We offer a wide range of electives for students to experience different learning contexts, with varying content and required skill sets. By the end of Year 8, the generalist focus for secondary education is completed. That is, compulsory experiences in music, visual arts and technology have now finished. Stage 5 is characterised by learner exploration and enlargement of perspective. Students start to prepare for Stage 6 selections by trialling subjects. Of course, the core subjects are vitally important and students need to be held accountable for their satisfactory progress. Discuss your son’s report from the two perspectives – core and future electives. Talk about their selections with them.

Caught doing the right thing

Digonto Roy Chowdhury (11R) exhibits our school values of compassion and respect. I received the following email from a commuter recently.

"Yesterday around noon I happened to be on a tram with a few of your school students. Among these students was a young boy by the name of Digonto. I would like to applaud your school on the efforts of chivalry and gentlemanship. As I was getting on the tram, he urged his friend/ peer to relieve his seat so that I could take a seat. Upon reaching the central station, he offered to carry my trolley up the stairs as we were both going on the same platform and departing at Ashfield station. He even helped direct my way to the swimming pool and walked with me almost to the pool as he said he lived nearby. Seeing such acts of kindness on this day was very refreshing and it was indeed a pleasure meeting children from this school which I have been past multiple times. I congratulate the school on its values and hope to see more young men act in the same way as one of your students."

Notice to Year 10 Students and Parents

The Life Ready course is mandatory for all students in Stage 6. At High, we cover the bulk of the course in the last few days of Term 4 in Year 10. The workshops and guest presenters are only available once, and in this time period only. Any student who misses this course will have to work through 25 hours of DoE materials in his own time, incurring significant extra cost. It is very important for all boys in Year 10 to be at school in the last days of the year.

Scholarship Applications

Applications for scholarships have now closed. The Principal has assessed the applications, consulted with the Head Teacher Wellbeing and the successful applicants have been notified by letter. Thank you to all the students who applied. All were worthy. Decision-making was difficult. Congratulations to those receiving scholarships and encouragement awards. I encourage more students in Year 9 who have a track record in school and community service to consider applying for the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Scholarship next year.
Dr K A Jaggar

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