High Notes, Vol 23 No 12, May 06 2022

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From the Principal

High Talent

Congratulations to Jiazi Chen (8T), Adam Davies (12R) and Kester Jan (7S) who have all qualified for the All Schools State Finals for swimming. Jiazi will be competing in 50m and 100m freestyle, with Adam and Kester competing in the 50m breaststroke. Well done to all of these students!

Student Absences

Early this week, parents of students with several unexplained whole day and partial absences were called to notify them of the number of incidents requiring action. A large number of parents responded promptly to the reminder which was excellent!

Through this process, our office staff have also found a number of messages within our system where parents texted the school with an explanation for various absences. Parents are reminded that the text messages parents receive notifying them that their son is absent from school on a given day can be responded to directly. This mobile number is not to be used for general communication with the school as these do not feed directly into students’ attendance records. If a student is absent from school without advance notification explaining the absence, these text messages are sent with a direct link to that particular absence in our systems that can only be used on that day. For this reason, any absences not directly responding to a text message on any particular day require an email to the office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Notification of a student’s absence prior to the school day commencing is always preferred to enhance administration within the school, while also allowing teachers to be notified of student numbers attending each lesson in advance.

Year 12 Reports

Next week I will be meeting with Year 12 students to discuss each of their reports. Students will receive an ATAR estimate based on their best 10 units to provide an indication of how they are currently progressing. However, it’s important to note that many topics are yet to be examined at this time, meaning that while this is an important yard stick for possible HSC performance, there is plenty of time for students to improve their results. For your own knowledge, these ATAR predictions assume a similar spread of marks to those earned in last year’s HSC.

I recommend that all Year 12 students use this report to determine how to maximise their results in the lead up to the HSC. Reflecting on their weekly practices and how they prepare for assessments would be highly beneficial, as well as setting themselves goals along with a plan of how to get there. It’s important to remember that completion of past papers and re-writes of recent tasks following feedback are highly worthwhile incorporating into study routines, given extensive evidence of the positive impact this has on student outcomes. Finding the time each week to undertake study, mixed into a balanced schedule with time for some fun and connection with others such as co-curricular activities and socialising are essential, as is the need for plentiful sleep.


On another note, next week our Year 7 and 9 students will be completing their NAPLAN tests. I strongly encourage all students to apply themselves diligently to each of these papers to reach their personal best.

For any multiple-choice questions, it’s essential that students carefully read each question and think of what is really being asked. They should then consider any potential solutions before even reading the options. Following this, taking time to consider each option is important to determine which is the most correct.

With the writing task, students should take the time to plan their work and keep in mind what makes a quality written response. Consider the audience, how to structure and develop ideas, while being mindful of spelling and punctuation.

These tests are highly beneficial in demonstrating how far students have progressed along the national learning continuum since Year 5 or Year 7 in reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and numeracy. This information is shared with parents and used by teachers to better understand the literacy and numeracy needs of their students, and for the school to refine teaching and learning programs to address any noticeable deficiencies across the cohort.

Year 9 and Year 12 Parent Teacher Evening

On a final note, Parent Teacher night for Years 9 and 12 is coming up in Week 5 on Monday 23 May. Information on how to register for this will be sent to parents via email early next week. Any parents whose son is in Year 9 or 12 who does not receive an email regarding parent teacher interviews by Wednesday should contact the front office.
Jamie Kay
Relieving Principal


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