High Notes, Vol 22 No 27, September 03 2021

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From the Principal

Parent Information Evening

Thank you to the 287 participants in Tuesday evening’s subject selection information session for Year 10 2022. I presented the policy, processes, qualifying rules, and history of subject acceleration at High in the last five years. Mr Kay followed up with his presentation about the subject selection processes, options, and protocols. Many questions were posted and with Mr Kay managing the responses, we worked our way through most of them.  Both presentations are available at: http://www.sydneyboyshigh.com/curriculum/subject-acceleration for subject choices.

COVID-19 Return to School - What We Know Now

Year 12 students will have onsite access from 25 October.  It is not our intention to run normal lessons for Year 12 when they return.  They will need formal, extended time examination practice.  We will devise and publish our proposed structure as soon as the new HSC timetable is published.  Ahead of their return, we would like to know how many of our students have been double vaccinated.  This information is accessible through your MyGov or Medicare accounts.  Failing those avenues, there is a service available through the Australian Immunisation Register.  Call 1800 653 809.  They will post the immunisation record within two weeks.

We are going ahead with Year 12 reports with the marks due on Thursday 16 September and comments on Friday 17 September.  The marks will be assessment marks and will be scaled (for internal analysis) against last year’s HSC results for High. HSC Assessment marks are due to NESA by 8 October. Teacher-provided marks for COVID-19 Special Consideration Program are due on 22 October. HSC written papers commence on 9 November.

Our Timeline Going Forward

Term 3

  •  Week 9: ,
    • 6 September, Monday: Regular online classes Year 7 –10 and Year 12
  • Week 9 - 10:
    • 6-17 September: Year 11 online assessments, so no online classes.
  • Week 10
    • Email will be sent to Year 11 about online meeting on first day Term 4 about HSC subjects

Term 4

  • Week 1
    •  5 October, Tuesday: Year 11 online meeting
    •  6 October, Wednesday: Year 11 to resolve all their warning letters
  • Week 2
    • 11-15 October: Year 9 exams, so no online classes.
  • Week 3
    • 18-21 October: Year 7 exams, so no online classes
    • 22 October: Wellbeing Day 2: No lessons for all years
  • Week 5
    • 1 November, Monday: Year 11 resume on site classes
    • 1-5 November: Year 8 exams, so no online classes
  • Week 6
    • 8 November, Monday: Year 7 – 9, resume on site classes. Year 10 mathematics examination on site
    • 8-12 November, Year 10 online assessments, so no online classes.

What We Do Not Yet Know

We await the publication of the revised HSC examination timetable. HSC results will now be published in mid-January.  A new timeline for ATARs and offers from UAC is being constructed. Universities are working on adjustments to their admissions practices in collaboration with NESA. NESA will offer advice by September 9. We do not know which LGAs will be at level 4 at the time of the proposed return to school dates.  We do not know all the details of what attending school under what level of restrictions looks like.  We have been told there will be mask wearing mandated indoors and outside and that no external visitors will be allowed on site. We do not yet have the social distancing protocols for on-site examinations. More details on social distancing or staggered start/recess/lunch times can be expected.

Keeping Families Safe

Remember, 12-15-year-olds will be able to book appointments to be Pfizer vaccinated from 13 September.


Booking immediately is recommended as the vaccine takes 2-3 weeks to show benefits

What You Can Do in NSW


Dr K A Jaggar

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