High Notes, Vol 22 No 20, July 16 2021

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From the Principal

Welcome Back to Term 3

‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’. As the school has been sent into lockdown once again, I welcome back all staff, students and many parents and carers who are involved as partners in providing educational experiences for our boys in CANVAS mode. Some of our teachers are working on site but most are working from home. I foresee several weeks of school operating in this mode, but I would love to be proved wrong. We need to keep open channels of communication in these challenging times. With a whole state in lockdown, overloading issues can be expected on our software programs. We have to log in through the DoE portal. Teachers may have to change platforms and teaching modes from time to time. We ask that people remain open, flexible and patient, so that maximised learning experiences can be provided for our boys. We will listen and respond to difficulties that individual students may be facing. Ms Chan and her Year Adviser Team will be making regular contact with each Year group to provide information and support and to act as a sounding board for students who are facing difficulties when trying to access online learning. We welcome feedback on how we can make the experience better for our students.

Staff Changes

Mr Paul Wright in English has relinquished his position which is being filled temporarily by Marina Trompetter. Courtney Powell has returned, filling in for Penny Schlam in Drama/English who is on leave for Term 3. Laurence Chapple is continuing to relieve in Rhett Boland’s position for term three. We welcome Michael Ormsby, our newly appointed Student Support Officer. Michael will be working in the Student Wellbeing Team headed up by Joanna Chan. Monique Mills has been appointed as a temporary SAO for Term 3. Please make them all feel welcome at High.

Parent-Teacher Night Years 8 and 10

We propose to go ahead with parent-teacher interviews next Tuesday 16 July  from 1500-1900 in Zoom mode. Mr Kay is managing this process. Parents were informed this week and a booking system commenced.

Holiday Properties Works

Our three-year Classroom Technology Project is nearer to completion now as the projection systems and whiteboards have been upgraded in rooms 101, 201, 610-11, 706-07, 704 & 802. Our heartfelt thanks are extended to project manager John Prorellis, on-site designer and Supervisor David Isaacs and fixer-upper Jim Crampton. Staff and students will really notice the difference when we return to on site teaching and learning. Room 801 was repaired and painted, with whiteboards hung and additional security installed. We had lights installed on Cutler Drive and on the Anzac Parade wall of Killip Wing. Staff bathroom lighting was replaced with LED lighting. Additional outdoor WAPS (wireless access points) were installed to improve connections between buildings and towards TGC. Air-conditioning was installed in the DPs office. The dying camphor laurel tree on the boundary of the basketball court was removed as a WH&S issue. The Cooler Classrooms program is scheduled to start this term on site and continue until December. The COVID crisis may interrupt the works schedule.


In line with decisions taken by other schools, the Executive decided to move the examination block for the HSC Trials to commence in Week 6 on Wednesday 18 August, concluding on Friday 3 September. We will then have a buffer of a couple of days before the Year 11 examinations start, to accommodate an HSC practical examinations that might need to be scheduled in the Great Hall. Also, Mathematics Advanced will have to be timetabled separately, due to the number of Year 11 accelerants sitting the HSC Trial examination. Marks due to NESA have been pushed back so there is no added pressure on teachers to submit their assessments on time.
Dr K A Jaggar

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