High Notes, Vol 5 No 21, July 02 2004

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From the Principal
Academic Achievement Lists
The School Council and Strategic Planning Process
Monitoring student absences
From Science
Presentation from P and C Joint Meeting
From Music
From Volleyball

From the Principal

End of Term
Thank you to all staff, parents, Old Boys and friends of High who worked hard to further the causes of the school during this term. Thank you to Khairul Chowdhury who has been relieving in English for Amanda Kaye who is returning from leave next term. We say farewell and best wishes to Irene Leard (Science Assistant) and Eileen Ramsden (Library/Office) as they complete their relieving positions at the end of term. Ms Opferkuch is taking maternity leave next term. We all wish her well in her coming confinement.

High Talent
Congratulations to our combined GPS soccer representatives: Sen Mitsuji (1st), Matthew Shiner, Kim Dickson, Tom Lung (3rd)

High Achievers
In this last High Notes for the term we are publishing the 'academic achievement' lists for Years 7-10. Boys rely on these list as proof of qualifying for one of the categories in the Student Award Scheme. The list is based upon a point scoring system: HD-6, D-5, C-3, PM-2, P-1, U-0. Its purpose is to add depth to the recognition of student achievement. The award scheme sets a benchmark of 'distinction average'. The point scoring system allows me to arbitrarily include all tied scores even if the official number of 20% or 36 boys is exceeded. Thus, the number of qualifiers fluctuates, but is rarely neither less than 36, nor more than 45. State level comparisons of student achievement occur elsewhere. This system is an attempt to both include and motivate gifted boys to become higher achievers. I congratulate all boys who made the lists.

Foundation Leadership
At the June AGM of the Sydney High School Foundation, the Chairman, Professor John Kaldor, stood down after three years in the position. On behalf of the school I would like to thank John for his countless hours of service on Foundation business, during one of its most turbulent and stressful periods. He was responsible for implementing procedural reforms and a review of rules and management practices that will have long lasting beneficial effects on the Foundation's future prospects. He also had primary carriage of time consuming litigation matters. Mr Andy Chow, the Treasurer for three years, also stood down. He was responsible for rationalising the Foundation's financial structure into self-contained cost centres, making analysis and interpretation of the accounts much easier. He broke the nexus between the Centenary Building Fund and the operating account which transformed the Management Committee's approach to Fund disbursements. Thank you for your acumen, advocacy and prudent financial management.

Former Chairman and long-serving High stalwart, Mr Lee Ruth, was elected unopposed as the new Chairman. Mr Ken Clemens, Old Boy and recently retired company CEO, was elected unopposed to the position of Treasurer. On your behalf I welcome both men to their positions and thank them for taking on very taxing voluntary roles.

SBHS Hosting its own Website.
At last DET has granted SBHS permission to host its own website! Mr Fittler has been campaigning for 18 months to get us registered as our own provider. School Family websites may now be linked to our server. Very user friendly software will allow staff and responsible volunteers to modify web pages just like typing text. For security purposes, such changes will be firewalled on a clone and added to the website later by our resident webmaster, David Isaacs. The best thing will be the ease with which pages can be changed. We ought to build the most topical, current and detailed website in the DET system! It will be all up to how many contributors we can muster.

Careers Website
All boys from Year 9 onwards are urged to make themselves familiar with two major sources of vocational information readily available on the SBHS student website: Career Voyager '04 and Careers Website. Just about everything you would wish to know about careers, profiles, educational requirements and university courses is available for your perusal. In some private schools these services are provided on a 'user pays' basis. All you have to do is log on and click. There will be increasing expectations placed on students to account for their access to these services. So far I have required Year 12 students to produce a Career Voyage print out when picking up their reports. I intend to expand the requirement to include bringing a profile on three UAC course choices. You all have a responsibility to acquire and apply knowledge about possible vocational futures.
Dr K Jaggar
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Academic Achievement Lists

Year 7 Academic Achievement
Semester 1 2004

Alasdair BROWN
Jarrod CHAN
Matthew CHAN
Benjamin DIEP
Matthew DINH
Sidharth JACOB
Brandon JIANG
Danny LAM
Brian LAU
Matthew LAU
James LEE
Jacky LI
Victor LIM
Daniel LO
Edward LU
Hung NEO
Daniel SHAN
Leonard TENG
Matthew TONG
Samuel WAN

Year 8 Academic Achievement
Semester 1 2004

Eric ANG
Michael BOCK
Tony CAI
William CHAN
Daniel CHIM
Matthew COUTTS
Yiming DENG
Jonathan DIOLASO
Ping DU
David FAN
Richard HUA
Remy JI
Albert KIM
Nathan KWOK
Kenny LA
Alexandro LAI
Sean LEE
Nathan LIEU
Simon LIU
George LO
Peter LUU
Brynley PFULL
Harrison REID
I-cheng SHIH
Marco SUN
Lucian TAN
Andrew TANG
Phil WU
Simin YANG

Year 9 Academic Achievement
Semester 1 2004

Jacky AU
David CHEN
Edward DENG
Howard FAN
David HU
Frank JIN
Kevin KIM
Joseph LAI
Alexander LEE
Kevin LEE
Benjamin LIU
Martin LIU
Martin LIU
John LUU
Anthony MORRIS
Albert NG
Ji-Kwang PARK
Raymond ROCA
Matthew SIN
Steven SONG
Bill SUN
Alan TAN
Nguyen TRAN
Anthony WAN
Cambridge WONG
Jeffrey XIE
Richard XU
Louis YANG
Edward YAO
Kelvin YU
Steven YUAN

Year 10 Academic Achievement
Semester 1 2004

Faraz AMIN
Stephen BURKE
David CAO
Aaron CHAN
Benjamin CHOW
Steven GUO
Chung HO
Kevin HO
Anthony HUYNH
Naziful ISLAM
Kevin KIM
Kieran LEONG
Henry LIU
Richard LIU
Bernard LO
Angelo LU
Kevin MAK
Edward PHAM
Jack PHU
Chong SHAO
Sahir SYED
Tanvir UDDIN
Francis WONG
Thomas WONG
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The School Council and Strategic Planning Process

A call for expressions of interest
The Sydney Boys High School Council is a body comprised of representatives of the various groups that make up the school family - teachers, students, parents and old boys.

Under its constitution, which has been approved by the Department of Education, the Council has various consultative, advisory and decision-making functions. (It must be noted here that the School Council is not responsible for determining the teaching and learning programs taught at the School. These are the responsibility of the Principal and teachers.)

One of the various objectives identified in the Council's constitution is that the Council will:

"Discuss and ratify broad school policy in relation to the aims and educational goals of the School, its educational priorities and needs, the welfare of students, and its relationships with the community, consistent with the continued operation of the school as an academically selective school operating within both the public education system and the Athletic Association of the Great Public Schools."

and one of the Council's roles with respect to the School's polices is to:

"discuss and ratify the school's aims and educational needs and priorities."
The consideration and ratification of the School's strategic plan falls within these objectives and roles of the Council.
The strategic plan, which is developed within the context of broader Departmental strategic plans, curriculums and government policies, sets out the School's mission, its statement of values, strategic objectives and the means of achieving these. The task of preparing the strategic plan has traditionally fallen to the Principal with input from various parts of the school family, including the School Council."

The current strategic plan, which may be viewed on the School's website, commenced in 2004 and will conclude in 2006.

In order to make a better informed decision, the School Council, at its June meeting, has agreed on a set of guidelines for the development of the next strategic plan, which will commence in 2007.

As part of the implementation of these guidelines the Council has decided to establish a Strategic Planning Committee, under the management of the Principal to undertake the work required.

The Council is therefore calling for expressions of interest from members of the school family who are interested in providing input into the strategic planning process either as members of the proposed committee, or in other ways. Expressions of interest should be directed to the Principal as the convener of the proposed Strategic Planning Committee.

At its August meeting the Council will make a decision as to the composition of the committee, which it anticipates will include representatives from all parts of the school family. All communications relating to the proposed Strategic Planning Committee should be directed to the Principal (e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).
Joseph Waugh
President, School Council

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Monitoring student absences

Monitoring student absences
High has a new attendance monitoring policy. We are asking all parents to let us know if their son is away by telephoning the school between 0830 and 0930 each day. Callers may be asked personal details just to confirm their identities. If the telephone line is busy, parents can email reasons for absence. Later in the day support staff will contact the parents of all absent boys in Years 7 and 8 for whom the school has no explanation for their absence. Depending on the cooperation of parents and carers, we hope to extend the intervention to Years 9 and 10 in the near future. The purpose of the exercise is to eradicate unexplained absences from the junior school. We want all our boys to be where they should be all the time. If this trial is successful, we plan to extend the call up service to all unexplained absences, every day. (Parents are still required to supply a written explanation for the absence.)

Update your contact details
In order to avoid embarrassment, we would appreciate all boys updating their contact information. The school needs accurate details about current addresses, parent contact numbers, emergency contacts and necessary medical condition information. The school has frequent difficulties when contacting families because the students' details were inaccurate. Please write, email or telephone any amendments to your details.
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From Science

A reminder to all students that the National Chemistry Quiz will be held on the first Thursday back (22/7/04). Students will need a pencil and calculator.
M Kay

Science News
Results of Science Quiz no.8
Questions about 'Cassani" were correctly answered this fortnight by Andrew Tang (8T), Peter Luu (8S) and Bernard Fang(8T)
The questions
1. What is Cassani?
2. After who was it named?
3. What was it controversial about it when it was launched in 1997?
4. Why did it fly past Venus in 1998?
5. In 1999 it flew past Earth and gathered information about what?
6. When will it arrive at Saturn?
7. Name the moon of Saturn that it is now very close to.
8. In January a probe called Huygens will parachute onto the moon, Titan. Why is this significant?
(The answers can be found on www.bbc.co.uk/sn)
(This is the last quiz of the term)
I Cox
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Presentation from P and C Joint Meeting

Power point presentation of Catherine Boland's talk

Helping adolescents make the best choices, handle failure and cope with HSC stress


Annual Joint Meeting of P & C Associations
Sydney Boys High School and Sydney Girls High School

now available:

Left-click on the link to view the file. Right-click on the link to download the file. The file is approximately 274 KB in size. (To move between slides in the presentation, click on the slide.)
Catherine Boland's talk

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From Music

On Monday evening (28/6/04) Sydney Girls High hosted a joint performance with Sydney Boys and the renowned New Zealand Band and Orchestra from Westlake Boys and Girls Schools.

From our school, musicians from Symphonic Winds; Senior Concert; Senior Stage and Symphony Orchestra were performing.
It was great to see some of the seniors who have left the music program had also been invited to perform.

The students from all the schools had not played together before. During the day they workshopped with guest conductors Steve Williams and Tom Woods.

In all, around 300 students were involved in this challenging and creative endeavour.

The concert started at 6:30pm, and for an hour and a half the audience were enthralled by the exciting and varied repertoire performed by both individual and joint schools, culminating in a superb rendition of Borodin's Russian Dances played by possibly 300 students.

It was fantastic to see the Boys' and Girls' schools in a joint performance. Hopefully similar opportunities can be offered in the future.

There will be a meeting for all music parents on Tuesday 20 July at 6pm. This is the first day back at school in the new term.

The topic for discussion will be the Cabaret Night, which is being held on Saturday 7 August.

Kathy Jackson has some ideas to make it a really great night, but she obviously needs our help with the arrangements.

This should be a really good fundraising opportunity, so please come along and offer your help to make it a really memorable evening.
The Music Committee

Winter Brass Soirée
A group of very talented brass musicians performed before an enthusiastic audience on Friday 25th June. The boys had us tapping our toes to pieces ranging from Greensleeves to Boogie and Snappy Rag.

Performers were Calum Martin, Kelvin Lo, Daniel Lo, Timothy Siu, Winston Lee, Johan Santoso, Anton Jurisevic, David Nam, Patrick Desmond, Phil Kurts, Rafi Alam, Lachlan Deacon, Thomas Mittelheuser, Slava Nossar and Adam Farrow-Palmer.
Well done boys!!!

Thanks also to Chris Jahja, Lewis Burger and Raisa Dobrinsky (again) for their help in accompanying the boys

André Shrimski and Tim Crow, part time music teachers, will be making their debut at the Side-On-Cade, 83 Parramatta Road, Annandale on July 6, 8.30-11pm. Parents and students may be interested in seeing them perform; under 18s will need to be accompanied by an adult.

The following is a little bit of history on the two musicians:
Shrimp & Crow formed in November 2003 to play the music of the hard bop jazz masters. André Shrimski (saxophones) and Tim Crow (trumpet and flugel) are two exciting newcomers, and are always supported by Sydney's finest rhythm sections.

Guests with the band have included Barbara Morrison (USA), Steve Brian and Dale Barlow.

Shrimp & Crow play regularly around Sydney and make their debut at the Side-On Café on Tuesday 6 July. They will be playing the music of Benny Golson, Cannonball Adderley and Clifford Brown.

The rhythm section for this night will include Bobby Gebert (piano), Phil Stack (double bass) and Andy Dickeson (drums).
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From Volleyball

Sydney High Volleyball Report 26th June

CHS Knockout report 1st Grade Volleyball
22nd-23rd June, Olympic Park

A wonderful technicality landed 1st grade into the state finals of the CHS knockout, and Nigel's storm into the Australian Men's volleyball team, gave a feeling that it was Sydney High's year this year.

On a very chilly Tuesday morning 9 warriors stormed into Homebush ready for something big, only to be turned away by a fire alarm. After once again storming back in we faced Glenn Innes, the coldest place in the state the previous day, and the team we overcame for 13th the previous year. Confidently we took the first two sets. But our complacency shone through in the 3rd with a forgettable performance driving Glen Innes to a set victory. A series of unintelligible remarks from myself and others, fired us up again, and we managed to regain composure to take the fourth set. This win put us in the top eight of the state, and shot us into a match with Westfields Sports High School.

Despite the weeks of training for this single match, we found that their two-man team was too strong for us. My commendations to the whole team, for fighting to the last point despite the score line. High played some good volleyball dishing it back to Westfields at times, and at one point had the second set in our grasp at 23-22 up. But unfortunately our characteristic choking of late came in to play, and the eventual finalists took hold of the match, relegating us to, at best, 5th.

The next day everyone came back fresh and quite easily looked after Temora in straight sets. Our next match for 5th place was against the Sydney East regional champions, Belmore High. Both teams were fired up to prove that Belmore either did or did not deserve the regional title. A few friendly threats and wagers were passed through the net, and High quickly took the upper hand. But our dreaded complacency came into play again, and Belmore took a tight 1st set. The second set started the same way, and High remembered to respect our opposition, and respect them we should have. Toward the end of the match none of our spikes managed to hit the ground due to excellent covering by the Belmore boys. Unfortunately for us this meant we had to be happy with 6th in the state. Congratulations to Belmore, though, for an excellent performance.

A team with no Year 12s means that every single person will be back next year, with more experience, and hopefully a bit more height. We will strive for a CHS championship that has eluded Sydney High for many years. I clap all the performances of the Firsts, knowing noone didn't give their all. Now we turn our sights on the Nationals in Melbourne which we feel can complement our very respectable place in the CHS knockout.
Yaegan Doran (Captain of Volleyball)

Third Grade from the 19th June
After many matchless weeks High 3rd Grade was invited to Newington for a rematch. So far High had not dropped a set all season and on that cold morning High was determined to keep it that way.

However, it almost ended in tragedy as the bus driver attempted to turn into Newington via the exit. After two attempts High made a grand entrance through the exit of Newington College.

Newington's green fields and aquatic centre did not faze the Thirds who began their game with gusto. The lowered net height was a bonus with outside hitters and centre blockers having a field day with spikes and kill shots.

High came, saw and conquered.

The first set began predictably with constant, good serving all around. Newington's passing had improved dramatically, but High played a smarter, more educated game using all three hits for coordinated attacks. End result High victors 25-14.

The second set began with a change of the guard with Anisul Islam and David Yang moving into the outside hitter positions. High moved right through with more consistent serving and hitting resulting in a 25-8 win for High.

The third set saw High relish its full range of attacking options, bamboozling the already shell-shocked Newington. However our diversity reduced our consistency and High became its own worst enemy. The game and set was closed 25-18 High's way.

High paid for this diversity with 6 court sprints - the penalty for giving away more points in the third set than was given away in the second set.

Throughout the season, High has become a more coordinated attacking unit, with the team becoming more machine like. It is a shame that the season has ended before the Thirds had a real chance to prove themselves. Special thanks to Vincent Ng (Captain) who led by example all season.
Raj Kumar
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