High Notes, Vol 22 No 39, December 10 2021

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From the Principal

High Talent

The V-Fest Student Video Festival run by Rose Bay Secondary College have announced the competition results and Matthew Awad (SHS-2021) has come first in the Senior Division and Eric Wu (SHS-2021) was selected for the People’s Choice Award. Well done, lads!

Scholarships Awarded

I was pleased to award this year’s scholarships to very deserving students in a very impressive, strongly academic and involved group of applicants. Matthew Lam (10M) was awarded the Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation Inc Scholarship for 2022-23 valued at $6,000. Martin Lee (11E) won the Phillip Day Memorial Scholarship ($1,500). Encouragement Awards were given to Xavier Perry (8M) for $500; Landrie Zuo (10F) for $300 and Ric Hou (8R) for $200. Congratulations to all!

The Old Boys Bursary Program

The Old Boys Bursary Program began in 2018 with the generous support of Bruce & Annie Corlett (SHS 1961). Along with Ron Schwartz (SHS-1961), Bruce set up the first group of four bursary recipients who were granted $2,500 each to support them in their involvement in school life. The rationale was that students whose families were struggling financially might have to limit the opportunities available to their sons because of the cost of participation. A powerful driver of the program was a newspaper interview of an Old Boy who remembered feeling different to others in his year because his family couldn’t afford to buy him a school blazer.

Old Boys from graduating years 1952 to 1994 have rallied around to support this cause. In 2019, we were able to fund 11 bursaries @ $2,500 each. For 2020, there were 22 bursary recipients, supported by donations from 40 Old Boys. In 2021, we offered 25 bursaries at a cost of $62,500. For 2022, we have granted 29 bursaries to families in need to the value of $72,500. Pledges to the program now total >$617,000. Our target is to raise $2,500,000 to establish a self-sustaining fund to assist students in necessitous circumstances who have the academic ability to be a High student but cannot engage fully in school life even though they would like to, due to their personal circumstances. If you are an Old Boy and would like to help, please contact me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will put you in contact with the Old Boy from your Year group who has been the trailblazer in donating to this most worthy and rewarding project. Public Education – Worth Investing In!

Collection of Reports

All boys should have collected their reports. Regrettably, there are still some students in each year group who have not fulfilled their commitments and completed their Clearance Forms and booked an appointment time to see me to discuss their progress at school. This is an important step in our feedback loop, and I insist on speaking to boys personally. Boys can come and get their reports before or after school and at lunch or recess on most days, unless I have appointments or have already set aside a time to chat with boys about their reports. There are also sheets provided for ‘Stragglers’ Reports’ for an hour or so on selected days. Boys just need to make an effort to comply with policy and come and see me. Once I have had a short feedback session with each boy, his report is loaded onto P drive and from there to each student’s folder. Appointments can be made up until the end of the school year by filling in one of the sheets on the Waterhouse desk in the corridor or by just dropping by before school, recess and at lunch (except Tuesdays). The benefits of my interactions with boys lessen if the discussion is too far removed from the assessment events being discussed.

Year 12 Portfolios

Year 12 Portfolios can be collected from my office on presentation of a completed Clearance Form. Included are school references, any certificates earned, unclaimed hard copies of reports, Student Award Scheme medallions and plaques. Trophies and higher-level awards are reserved for Presentation Night in 2022. Everything has been delayed due to the later HSC timetable. Drop in next week and get your portfolio.

Notice to Year 10 Students and Parents

The Life Ready course is mandatory for all students in stage 6. At High, we cover the bulk of the course in the last few days of Term 4 in Year 10. The workshops and guest presenters are only available once, and in this time period only. Any student who misses this course will have to work through 25 hours of DOE materials in his own time, incurring significant extra cost. It is very important for all boys in Year 10 to be at school in the last days of the year. Parents of Year 10 students are advised that they should not plan holidays beginning before the end of Term 4 for their families and thereby miss this mandatory experience. I am giving advanced notice that I will not be approving extended leave for travel to Year 10 students during this important curriculum time unless the circumstances amount to an emergency.
Dr K A Jaggar

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