High Notes, Vol 17 No 20, July 01 2016

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From the Principal

High Talent
Congratulations to our Table Tennis Team for their back-to-back victories in the state final of the CHS Knockout Competition (2015-16).  Our team comprised Edward Belokopytov (12E), Lenny Han (10R), Adam Masen (8E) and Alex Yeung (8S). In the final the boys defeated a strong Normanhurst Boys Team including four state ranked players. In a first for High Cross Country, three teams have qualified for the State Cross Country Championships: 16 years (Eric Holstrom, Jonathan Lee, Jeremy Zhang and Luke Posumah); 17 years (Luke and Jayden Schofield, Nicholas Katsilis, Jake Rowlands and Conor McGrath) and 18 years (Marcus Plataniotis, Harry Huang, Symeon Papadopoulos and Johnson Lin). Individual qualifiers for state were: Nathan Wang (12 years), Rhys Shariff (13 years) and Matthew Moloney (14 years). Good luck on 22 July to all our competitors!

Inappropriate and Offensive Discourse
Recent incidents in the public media and locally on social media highlight the ongoing need for men and boys to self-edit their utterances and re-think their attitudes towards women and girls. It is unacceptable for misogynistic language to be used by anyone. Eddie McGuire’s tasteless trio chortled over their sexist banter about the Big Freeze promotion at the G and what they would pay to see the humiliation of AFL journalist Caroline Wilson. It was not just who was making these on-air comments that offended public consciousness, but more broadly that unreconstructed chauvinists were reinforcing such last century male stereotypes to a mass audience. McGuire was condemned by the media and the AFL and pressured to make a public apology.

Closer to home, we had offensive material posted by our own students on social media in response to our planned joint venture bake sale being held to raise awareness of the issue of unequal pay for women in our society. Many girls at SGHS were justifiably hurt and disappointed by the sexist, unrestrained and deliberately obfuscatory arguments against unequal pay posted online under pusillanimous pseudonyms. They complained about the kind of culture that would think it’s OK to vent venomous opinions under the cover of anonymity.

Notwithstanding the motiveless malignity of the minority, the subsequent bake sale was a great success, even though the trading was in staggered lunch times separating the two school populations. A nett profit of $1400 will be directed to assisting women in refuges as a result of domestic violence. My thanks go to the organisers who persisted, particularly Vishal, Max, James, Thomas, Luke, Jayden, Ervin, Nelson and Ethan, and to Mr Dowdell, for his agile response when re-organising the day.

After Hours Library Availability
Thanks to the generosity of Mr Dowdell we are running a trial after hours study opportunity for all students on Tuesday afternoons from period 5 until 5 pm. The idea is for students to do individual homework and study. We intend to run the trial for four weeks in Term 3 and then, if it proves popular enough, work out a more permanent staffing structure.

Wet Weather Jackets
In response to an SRC request for a piece of apparel to protect school blazers from getting wet during rainy days, Michelle in the High Store was approached to find an appropriate garment. It was never intended that this piece of school uniform was available as a substitute for existing items. The jacket purchased can be rolled up neatly into a small carry bag which comes as an accessory. Clearly, the jacket is designed to be carried as a substitute for an umbrella. Permission was given by the School Council for the wet weather jackets to be offered as a substitute for an umbrella and to preserve blazers. Boys should not be wearing these jackets as an alternative to school jumpers or blazers. As well, non-uniform anoraks and jackets are not to be worn.

UNSW Co-op Scholarship Program
This scholarship is a prestigious one and is worth $18,200 pa with added industry experiences. It is a popular one with our boys but difficult to earn. In 2015 there were 1035 applications; 302 interviewees and 74 scholarships offered. From our school there were 42 applications, nine boys were interviewed, four students shortlisted and one scholarship offered. It was not accepted this year. For more information on this scholarship please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 02 9385 5116.
Dr K A Jaggar

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