High Notes, Vol 16 No 9, March 27 2015

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From the Principal

High Talent
At the GPS Carnival 4, James Luo 13 years 50m freestyle and Leonard Mah 18 years 50m freestyle were again successful in their championship events, along with Jordan Xiao in the 14 years 50m backstroke. Well done, boys! Belated congratulations go to Luke and Jayden Schofield and Jake Rowlands on their bronze medal for CHS in the Intermediate Division at the NSW Triathlon Championship. The team was 4th out of 118 teams in the All Schools (state championship). Well done indeed to Nicholas Palmer (7T) who was a member of a team who presented at the ICT Educators NSW Conference. The President of the Association writes: “The team's behaviour and professionalism throughout their exhausting day at the conference, were exemplary.  They were such wonderful ambassadors for their schools”.  

Recent Events
I have been extremely impressed by the rationality, maturity, self-discipline, forbearance and compassion exhibited by students, staff, parents and the wider High community in responding to recent events.  It demonstrates to others our remarkable cooperative strength to stand together when tested. It also shows that the democratic principles of natural justice and procedural fairness in a free and civil society are being modelled by us. Thank you all.

Summer Sport Co-payments
It is an expectation that all boys who participated in summer sport should now pay the co-payment set by the school as standard $140 or a higher amount as decide by the Supporters Group for that activity. For example, sailing is a sport with a low ratio of staff to students; it requires the use of a safety boat at all times and uses expensive equipment. The cost to participate is $286 for term 1 as determined by the Sailing Committee. I encourage all parents to pay promptly the amount levied for their son’s sport. To help provide teacher supervision, WH&S and duty of care compliance, parents are also asked for an annual Co-curricular Supervision Levy. This one-off charge covers as many sports as your son might compete in – for elite athletes that can be as many as four.

Trusts under SHSF Management
The Sydney High School Foundation is Trustee for funds held on the school’s behalf to be used for specific purposes. Movement in the Trust accounts for 2014 were: Ethel Killip Memorial Art Collection ($122,026  to $124,525); Mitchell Seow Memorial Trust ($7348 to $7506); The Prizes Trust ($85,816 to $90,137);  the SBHS Scholarship Trust ($77,717 to $79,240); and the Anzac Fund Trust ($17,104 to $32,005). A proportion of the interest from the investment of these funds (reset at 50%) is paid to the school to help fund the purposes of the Trusts, the remainder is reinvested to grow the Trusts. The Sydney High Foundation manages the Sydney High School Building Fund. Movements for 2014 were $544,066 to $947,391. The Foundation provides an ongoing financial service to the school at no cost and I want to acknowledge how beneficial the relationship is, with over $1.28m under management on behalf of the school.

Libraries Management Committee
Elaine Sadler (P & C representative), Madeleine Rigby (HT Supervisor of Librarians) and I met recently for our annual review of the libraries. The Library Management Committee, advises on the operation of the two school libraries. The libraries accommodate up to 230 boys between them. Resources and research services are provided. Parents contribute significantly to the operation of the libraries by making tax deductible donations to the Student Research and Resources Fund. Movements in the fund for the year were: opening balance $62,467; income $131,674, expenditure $169,477; carried forward $24,664. Each library has a budget of $17,500 for books, subscriptions, e-books and resources. Supervision for the early Junior Library opening times is paid for by the Fund. A part time School Assistant in the senior library is paid for from the fund and a large proportion of the salary of the second Librarian comes from the Fund because DEC pays for only one Teacher Librarian. I ask for your continued support for this Fund which directly benefits the learning environment of every boy.

Students! Make sure your voice is heard!
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Dr K A Jaggar

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