High Notes, Vol 16 No 25, August 14 2015

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From the Principal

High Achievers Evening
On 27 August at 6pm in the Great Hall, the SHSOBU is holding another High Achievers evening. This is a free event designed to showcase the life and careers of High Old Boys as well as to gain publicity for the OBU and demonstrate its relevance to current students. The inaugural evening, held last year, was very informative and entertaining. The feedback from the boys who attended was very positive. This year’s organisation promises to be even better, with a wide variety of professions and experiences represented.  I urge all boys who are starting to think about life after school and possible vocation options to come along and hear from some great role models who attended High.

Register at: http://www.shsobu.org.au/high-achievers-2015-speakers/

Tell Them From Me – Survey for Students, Staff and Parents
We have been collaborating with the researchers at The Learning Bar for a couple of years to gather data about the school from the perspectives of students, parents and staff. We have learned about our school climate, how students feel about having an advocate for them at school and about how high the incidence of engagement with school life is. The surveys have certain shortcomings in the wording of some questions and in the inferences drawn from answers to single questions, but nevertheless the instruments are valuable for the senior management team to inform our planning. This year there is an opportunity for us to ask some of our own questions and add them to the survey. By this means we hope to make the responses we receive more pertinent to the context of High and consequently, more meaningful for school planners.

I commend the surveys to the High school community. An Award Scheme point is on offer as usual for boys who complete the survey. The Partners in Learning Survey can be accessed from Monday, 17 August at http://sbhs.co/pil15  They will be live until Friday, 16 October. The survey window applies to all three surveys: parents, teachers and students.

Year 12 Letter to Parents
All Year 12 parents should have received a copy of a letter from me, dated 5 August. The letter sets out the important events and dates marking the end of secondary schooling for Year 12 students. Information about reports, references, scholarships and the farewell assembly is included. Our zero tolerance policy on behaviour during the final weeks of school is also explained. If you are a Year 12 parent and you haven’t received this letter, please contact the School Office.

Winter Sport Co-payments
All winter sports depend on prompt payment of invoiced co-payments to pay coaches. Parents are reminded that all programs have to meet their budgetary obligations and cannot do so without maximum support from everyone. Our sports are delivered at a fraction of their actual cost, being subsidised by parking revenues and ASF donations, along with the structural support and supervision provided by the school with assistance from the sports levy and general contributions. Please settle up your son’s winter sports co-payment now.

Sick Students at School Policy
Many students present to ‘sick bay’ with a variety of ailments. A School First Aid Officer makes an assessment of their condition. Many injuries are treated on the spot and the cases are managed between the school and parents. If the presented symptoms are serious, an ambulance is called and parents are notified of the School’s action and where the student has been taken. If the student just needs time to rest, lounges in ‘sick bay’ are provided. In the case of sprains and minor injuries, parents are notified and arrangements are made for students to wait until the end of the day or make their way home straight away, if the parents and the School agree and there is someone at home to care for them. There are cases where the student is clearly ill but is not serious enough to be hospitalised, and parents are contacted and asked to come and pick up their son.

Usually, parents find a way to pick up their sons within an hour of being notified. Parents are reminded that the School has no resources to devote to caring for sick students at school if they need constant supervision. The School reserves the right to call an ambulance and have a sick student taken away if parents do not agree to attempt to pick up the sick student within an hour after notification.
Dr K A Jaggar

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