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Assessments:HSC Exams (09:00-17:30)
Assessments: HSC Exams
Time: 09:00-17:30

The HSC examinations will start for Year 12 students on Wednesday 12 October. Boys are expected to be ready to enter the exam room 20 minutes before the examination.<

Reading Time: Reading time is for reading and NO writing or highlighting may be undertaken during reading time. The presiding officer will advise students when they may take up their pens.

Equipment - All Written and Listening Examinations:
* Students are expected to provide basic equipment, that is, pens (black is recommended), pencils and erasers, and a ruler marked in millimetres and centimetres for ALL EXAMINATIONS.
* The use of pencil sharpeners and highlighter pens is optional.
* Only the basic and optional equipment and any additional equipment included in the checklist below for a specific examination may be taken into the examination room.
* When answering multiple-choice questions on Answer Sheets, students should use black or blue pen.
* Any equipment brought into the examination room will be subject to INSPECTION before the examination commences.
* It is the responsibility of the student to supply equipment that is in good working order (this includes calculators).
* Equipment failure is not a ground for an appeal under misadventure provisions.
* Mobile phones are NOT permitted in the examination room.<
* Supervisors will not be responsible for the safekeeping of any unauthorised material.

Equipment checklist for specific examinations
* Biology - a NESA-approved calculator
* Business Studies - a NESA-approved calculator
* Chemistry - a NESA-approved calculator
* Economics - a NESA-approved calculator
* Engineering Studies - a NESA-approved calculator, a pair of compasses, a protractor, a set square
* Geography - a NESA-approved calculator, a pair of compasses, a protractor, coloured pencils and/or coloured felt pens, (optional) a hand-held magnifying glass, (optional) a piece of string or thread for measuring
* Languages - Use of Dictionaries: the use of monolingual and/or bilingual print dictionaries is permitted in the Continuers, Extension, Background Speakers and CCAFL written languages examinations. Dictionaries may NOT be used in Beginners languages examinations, NOR in the Continuers and Extension examinations for classical languages - Latin, Classical Greek and Classical Hebrew.
* Mathematics, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2 - a NESA-approved calculator, a pair of compasses, a protractor, a set square, (optional) a curve-drawing template
* Physics - a NESA-approved calculator, a pair of compasses, a protractor, a set square and/or a parallel ruler
* Software Design and Development - a flowchart template

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