Accessing the Intranet Portals

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If you are a member of Sydney Boys High School community you have access to a Sydney Boys High School Intranet Portal. The features of the Portal will depend on your roll. For example:

Student PortalParent PortalStaff Portal
  • Absences
  • Home Drive access
  • Moodle
  • Print Account details
  • Timetable
  • P & C Association discussions
  • Student Absences
  • Student Carinval Results
  • Student Library borrowings
  • Student Timetable
  • Intranet news
  • Moodle
  • Room booking
  • Terminal Server
  • Webmail

Registering for the Portal


Students are automatically registered for the Student Portal. Student accounts will be active approximately one week after the student's first day in attendance.

Students can then log in to the Student Portal using the guide below.


Parents need to register for an account on the Parents Portal. Parents are able to register for the Parents Portal approximately one to two weeks after their son/ward's first day at the school.

To create a Parents Portal account you will require the following two pieces of information:

  1. The Family Correspondence Email address you supplied at enrolment.
  2. The Student ID Number of your son/ward as printed on his timetable. If you have multiple children attending the school, any ID Number will suffice.

If you have an additional child enrolling at the school, he will automatically be added to your account one to two weeks after his first day.

If you have trouble recalling the email address you supplied, your son can tell you by looking up the My Details section of the Student Portal. Alternatively, contact the school Administrative Office.

You can choose your own username and password. Please note that a parent username will always end in .parent (e.g. sbhs.parent) and that the password must be at least 5 characters long.

Logging in to the Portal

Click to log in to the Sydney Boys High School Intranet Portal.

Users can log in to the Sydney Boys High School Intranet Portal by clicking the Intranet Login link on the school website and then supplying their registered username and password.

New students' login details

Students log in using their school network login name and password. Note:

  • This is the 9-digit number printed on the student ID card
  • This is not the student's DET Internet username and password
  • If a student's school computer logon is disabled, they will not be able to log in to the Portal either

Your username is your Student ID number (on your timetable and/or your ID card)

Your password is your Student ID number followed by the first two digits of your surname all in lower case:

John Citizen, 433456789  ⇒  433456789ci
John Zu, 439876543  ⇒  439876543zu

Change your password after you log in
Students can change their password from the My Details page in the Portal.